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"Witness Marks" is the eighth episode of The Haunting of Hill House.


A familiar terror revisits Shirley and Theo on Halloween night as Hugh and Steve go looking for Luke, who disappeared on a deadly errand.


Hugh Crain admits that he didn't have anyone work on the clock, though Luke saw someone. He never built a treehouse because they were only supposed to be there for 8 weeks.

The sisters drive there and they talk about why Luke's going there. She says that she's not perfect. She asks Theo to tell her about kissing her husband. They begin arguing and Eleanor Crain suddenly screams from the backseat.

Theo runs out of the car and begins crying she tells her that she touched Nell's body and felt nothing. She apologizes and Shirley Crain helps her back up.

Luke pulls up to the house and sees lights turn on. He pours gasoline by the staircase. He counts to seven twice before throwing the lighter. The light doesn't start and he sees his mother at the top reaching for him. Poppy Hill appears and grabs him.

this was the worst plot summary attempt ever


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  • The title refers to the physical marks left on a clock when it is repaired. Hugh connects this to the man younger Steven said he saw repairing the clock at Hill House.



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