William Hill is a character in The Haunting of Hill House.

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In 1948, William walled himself inside the walls of Hill House[2].

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"William Hill, been missing since '48. Case went cold with the department." ― Detective[source]

"Fear and guilt are sisters. I knew a man once who knew those sisters well. They kissed his eyelids as he slept, and every morning he went just a little more mad. He built a wall to keep it all outside, but those two sisters, they were in there with him. Even there. That silly man thought his wall would keep them out, but there was just enough room for him... And them. So he was trapped behind that wall. Afraid and guilty. And his voice left him and he scratched and whimpered, and his fingers were shredded on his own bricks until his scratches just sounded like... rats in a wall. He felt small. So small. But that was his dream. And when he woke up, he was tall. So tall. For always. " Trish Park[source]

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