"Two Storms" is the sixth episode of The Haunting of Hill House.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

It's a reunion for all the wrong reasons when Hugh flies in for the funeral, coming face to fact with his estranged children on a dark, stormy night.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hugh comes downstairs and finds the chandelier on the ground. Olivia Crain comes down and Hugh asks where she was. She says that she was just wandering. The twins come down Hugh Crain arrives and sees his children and Kevin. The other children join them. It begins to hail and they hear a window break. Shirley Crain joins them and says that her window broke. Hugh Crain and Steven Crain leave. The power goes out.

Shirley Crainellie was a child. Hugh recalls the letters she would right to Santa. The siblings argue and it's revealed that both Theodora Crain and Kevin Harris took money from Steven Crain. Shirley Crain finds that Nellie has buttons on her eyes.

The parents look for Nellie. Olivia sees the ghost of a wheel-chair-bound boy. She disappears and Hugh Crain sees her walking away. He calls out to her but she doesn't respond. He follows her, but she s behind him. The windows begin exploding. Hugh sees her standing in front of the window and it explodes, he turns and the window actually didn't break. He finds her sitting in the hallway. He asks what she was doing and she says that she was having a strange dream. The kids begin screaming so the parents rush down stairs.

The children say a big dog was in the house and that it had glowing red eyes. He says it went towards the kitchen. He begins to go there, but his flashlight begins dying. He notices Nellie and runs towards her instead.

Steven and Hugh argue and Eleanor Crain's casket falls to the ground.

Shirley finds her husband embracing another woman.

When they find Nellie, she says she was standing and shouting but they couldn't see her.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

man [Pensively.] It's pricey ... but I really do like it.
Kevin Can I get you anything? We got tons to eat, plenty to drink.
Theodora Crain This is Kevin's coping mechanism. He turns into a waiter.
Hugh Crain No, thanks, I'm fine. I... I don't really know... what to say... really. Other than... you know, to see all of you in the same... room. Well, not all. I'm just sorry that... that we have to be here... under... Neither can I. Look at them, they're all grown up.
Scene Change.
a b
Fade to credits.

Notes[edit | edit source]

When Shirley asked Steve where their dad was, Steve said Hugh was at the hotel and kept changing clothes. Later when Hugh arrived at Shirley's mortuary, he appears in a blue shirt and jeans similar to the ones he wore the night they all fled from Hill House.

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