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"The Two Faces, Part 2" is the seventh episode of The Haunting Of Bly Manor.


Miles and Flora are pulled into a ghostly game. Faced with the facts, Rebecca comes to an unhappy conclusion, and Hannah makes a shattering discovery.


Moments after having been knocked out by Peter Dani finds herself tied up in the attic of Bly Manor. She is surrounded by Miles, Flora, and their attackers, Peter and Rebecca. It becomes clear that Miles and Flora are aware that their large amount of unclaimed time is attributed to the possession by the two, and they now plead with the two to leave both them and Dani alone.

It becomes clear that the constant possession and behaviour between the two is taking a toll on them, and both Rebecca and Peter are thrown into flashbacks. Peter remembers a time when his mother was around; whilst Rebecca remembers the night that Peter disappeared and she called the authorities. Following Peter's disappearance, Rebecca isolates herself from the others at Bly Manor, and finds herself comforted by Jamie, to no avail — Jamie remarks that the events at Bly Manor could give her the push she needed to apply for the barrister job she has always had her eye on.

The flashback moves forward and, later that day, Peter arrives in Rebecca's room at Bly Manor, seemingly not lost, but not alive either. Rebecca remarks that she has a lot to think about and sends Peter away, meeting him later that day in the restricted wing. Rebecca tells Peter that they should run away to America once more, but Peter is unable to accept, given he is stuck at Bly Manor as a ghost. Peter and Rebecca do not speak for the next week, until Peter approaches Rebecca once again with another idea: he should possess her in order for the two to truly be together with one another.

Peter possesses Rebecca like she agreed, causing her to retreat back into herself and relive the memories they shared together. Whilst possessing her, Peter walks out of Bly Manor and into the lake, drowning Rebecca in hopes that they can be together forever. This causes Rebecca to be stuck as a ghost like Hannah, reliving her memories on the grounds of Bly Manor. Rebecca is angry at Peter for his behaviour and confronts him about it, citing that she didn't agree to be murdered. The flashback, however, ends, and Peter is thrown back into present day Bly Manor.

Back at Bly Manor, the children agree to have the two possess them once again and act as their parents. Secretly possessing Miles, Peter goes outside with Hannah, pleading with her to look into the well and end the facade; truly accepting that she is dead and what this means for her life at Bly. Unbeknownst to Peter, however, it is revealed that Rebecca never possessed Flora, and that the latter was acting to fool Peter. Whilst Miles is too far gone and wrapped up inside of Peter, Rebecca pleads with Dani to save Flora. They attempt to leave Bly Manor, but Flora screams for Miles and is, in turn, dragged away by the Lady in the Lake.



Guest Starring[]

  • Lizzy McInnerny as Elspeth


  • Pasha Ebrahimi as Constable
  • Calix Fraser as Doll Face Ghost


  • The events leading up to Rebecca Jessel's death are revealed.
  • Hannah is finally forced to accept that she is dead, and stuck at Bly Manor forever.
  • It is revealed that the faceless ghosts are those that have died on the grounds of Bly Manor; their facial features have been lost to time.
  • It is still unknown who the white woman is, but it is highly believed to be Charlotte Wingrave.
  • This episode is seemingly linked to The Two Faces, Pt. 1.