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"The Two Faces, Pt. 1" is the third episode of The Haunting Of Bly Manor.


Dani and Miles get an uncanny glimpse of the past. Peter Quint, Rebecca Jessel and their twisted history cast a long shadow.


One year ago, a man — Peter Quint, Henry’s former assistant — entered a tailoring store to purchase a shirt. He then continues to numerous other stores to purchase other gifts, such as alcohol, before arriving at Henry Wingrave’s office; Henry is heavily hung over from the drinking the previous night. The man invites Miss Jessel into Henry’s office for his meeting; it becomes clear that the woman is the previous Governess of Bly Manor.

The meeting is initially tense, with Henry pointing out a stain on Miss Jessel’s shirt and Peter questioning her over her history and education. Rebecca is able to fire back at Peter’s constant attacks and questions, however, and afterwards, it becomes clear that Peter’s interview style, along with referring to her as a “nanny”, was an attempt to belittle her for taking the position.

Back in 1987, Dani calls the Police on the man that she believes she has seen once more on the grounds of Bly Manor. She points out Peter Quint in a photograph and identifies this man as the one that she has been seeing on the grounds. Hannah explains who Peter was and the fact that he ran off with a large sum of Henry’s money; they’re surprised that he would return to the grounds. On the other hand, however, Hannah warns Dani that Peter isn’t a threat, but she should avoid him should he be seen again. Hannah explains that she wants to call Henry, but the Police officer becomes defensive and remarks that she shouldn’t. She decides against it when she realises the time it would take for Henry to arrive at the property, and decides to call Owen instead.

In a further flashback to Miss Jessel’s arrival at Bly Manor, there are several parallels between her arrival at the Manor and Dani’s arrival. Rebecca and Peter talk on the journey and seem to have quite the connection. Upon arrival, Rebecca tries to grow close with the two Wingrave children immediately, but Rebecca is more fascinated by the grounds of Bly Manor much like Dani; the narrator reminds that Rebecca loved the grounds so much that she didn’t want to leave and, eventually, she never would.

Back at Bly Manor, Dani decides to investigate herself, but finds nothing but Jamie. All of the staff decide that they should spend the night together at Bly Manor. The children fall asleep quickly, leaving Owen, Hannah and the others to talk. They quickly surmise that Peter could’ve returned to the Manor for Rebecca, who he believes to still be alive.

In a flashback to days following Rebecca’s arrival at Bly Manor, Flora promises to make a doll for Rebecca.[1] Peter arrives with flowers for Rebecca, and when it becomes clear that the flowers are from Jamie’s garden, Peter and Miles talk about the value of the garden and what it symbolizes.

Peter heads downstairs to talk with Rebecca, who explains that she wants to be a barrister, but needs the experience with tutelage. The two talk about the muddy footprints that Rebecca believes the children have been leaving around the house when they sneak out in the middle of the night. It quickly becomes clear that Peter resents Henry and all that he stands for; more so, he hates what the job has done to previous women and doesn’t want to see the same happen to Rebecca.

Days later, Peter is sent to Bly Manor for a couple of days to assist with a task set by Henry. During this time, he and Rebecca grow closer and closer and eventually sleep with one another. The following day, Rebecca and Flora talk about how wonderful having Peter at Bly Manor is. In a sharp contrast to the present, however, Flora is seen by the pond staring out across the water. She is taken inside by Dani, but Rebecca’s figure can be seen in the distance across the pond dressed in similar clothing that can be seen on the doll Flora is clutching.  Hannah tells the doctor that the outbursts are normal for Flora, but everyone around — including the doctor — is worried that there could be deeper issues within her psyche. Hannah alludes to the fact that the house is somehow keeping Henry away; not the children.

In a flashback to the morning after Peter and Rebecca slept together, tensions arise between the two when Rebecca tells Peter that she must see to the children but he wishes her to remain in bed. Later that night, further tensions arise when Peter takes Rebecca to the restricted wing and they are caught together by Hannah, who threatens to take Peter out and throw him in the lake despite his superiority; throughout it all, Peter remarks that he has Henry’s blessing to be doing such things.

Peter quickly becomes controlling and hostile when all of those at Bly Manor begin having fun without him; he feels once again like an outsider and decides to leave Bly Manor. He is resentful of Rebecca and the relationship she has with Owen, therefore leaves Rebecca wondering what she did wrong.

Back in the present, Dani looks at the photograph, unaware that it doesn’t show the whole story of that night. She receives a call, and when she answers, she questions if it is Peter on the other end; she receives no response, however, and the caller hangs up. The children all wind down with a story, and nothing is mentioned about the caller.

It is later revealed that Owen’s mother passed away during his stay at Bly Manor; Hannah whispers something in his ear before he leaves to return home. Afterwards, Jamie is shocked when Dani holds her hand, remarking “who knew?”[2]



Special Guest Star[]


  • Ken Kramer as Dr. Moran
  • Pasha Ebrahimi as Constable


  • Flashbacks in the episode centre around Rebecca Jessel's arrival at Bly Manor in 1987.
  • Owen's mother dies in the episode.
  • It becomes clear that Dani Clayton is a lesbian in this episode after she holds Jamie's hand and attempts to kiss her.



  1. There is an element of dramatic irony in the episode; viewers are able to make a connection with the doll in 1987 and the doll made for Rebecca.
  2. Jamie is referring to the fact that nobody knew that Dani was a lesbian; perhaps not even Dani herself.