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"The Twin Thing" is the fourth episode of The Haunting of Hill House.


Still wrestling with addiction -- and an unshakable fright -- a frantic Luke tries to save a friend while sensing his twin sister is in danger.


A flashback to one of Luke’s first days in rehab shows him attending an AA meeting. At the meeting, he listens as an addict details past events that have left him with painful memories and regrets. As the man finishes, Luke is asked if he wants to tell his story, but he remarks that nothing he could say would come even close to the man’s story. Three months later, Luke stands at the front of the AA meeting to claim his 90 day sober chip.

In the “then”, a young Luke brings a drawing of the creature he saw in the basement to his father, Hugh. Despite Luke insisting that he did see something, Hugh remarks that he and Olivia have checked the basement and found nothing amiss. Luke and Nellie leave to play with some objects Liv found in the loft and upon their exit, Hugh and Liv imagine what Hill House could be someday for a family.

Back in rehab, Luke tells Joey about the bad things he has done to people whilst being an addict. He details how he stole money from his family, broke Nellie’s heart by not attending her wedding and living in a haunted house. Just as the lights out buzzer sounds, Luke asks what is wrong with Joey, but she replies numerous times that she is fine. Luke tells her that she should be proud of her nine months sober, but Joey doesn’t seem to take the compliment. The warden, Paige, tells Luke that Steven called, and tells him that he should tell them about the chip, but Luke replies that he wouldn’t believe him; Luke gets into bed moments later, but is jousted awake after midnight where he sees a vision of Nell telling him to “go”.

Back in the then, Luke and Nell play with the buttons and a phonograph-like device that allows talking between the upstairs of Hill House and the kitchen. Nell tells Luke to await the three buttons that she will throw down, but Luke is confused when he only receives two of the buttons. As Nell comes to investigate, they begin hearing strange noises from upstairs. Luke asks if it could be Shirley or Theo, but Nell remarks that it isn’t, and that she is scared. Nonetheless, the two leave the object alone and do other things.

Later that night, Luke is awoken by the sound of the dogs barking. He tries to get back to sleep, but finds himself unable to. Leaving his room, he is shocked to see a tall floating figure sneaking into the opposite bedroom. Scared, Luke sneaks back into his bedroom and closes the door, opting to hide under the bed as knocking begins on the door. Seconds later, the figure opens the door and enters the room, only to take the bowler hat that Luke had acquired earlier in the day and places it upon its head. Just as it is about to leave the room, Luke lets out a breath and the figure reaches under the bed, causing him to scream.

Back in the now, Luke wakes up to realize that Joey is missing. He finds a note underneath his pillow. He later leaves the rehab center to look for Joey, leaving behind her note which reads "Don't follow me." He calls Nell, blatantly unaware of her situation, and reveals that he had a “moment”. Moments later, he notices a figure in the distance eerily reminiscent of the figure with the top-hat from his childhood. Luke waits for Joey at a popular spot for addicts to get drugs, wherein he believes Joey will show up. He finds Joey and she agrees to return to the shelter with him, but Paige remarks that the two gave up their beds when they left the center. Luke tells Joey that he will find them a place to sleep for the next couple of days, but Luke is distracted by the figure once again.

Luke and Joey leave the taxi, and Joey asks why he came after her. Luke remarks that Nell told him to, explaining that it’s a “twin thing.” Luke arrives at Leigh’s house, but is told that her and Steven have separated and are no longer live together. Luke asks for Steven’s address and visits his apartment, stealing his iPad and camera to sell for hotel money. As Luke descends the stairs, he bumps into Steven, and Steve presumes that Luke is going to sell his belongings for drug money. We see Steve's perspective of this incident in episode one.

After a few hours of wandering about, Luke is disappointed when Joey takes off, after she said she was going to use the bathroom in an alley. He is mugged moments later when walking through the city and has his hoodie and shoes stolen. He calls the rehab center and begs Paige to take him back, and it is revealed that Steven is at the center waiting for him. The two agree to pick Luke up, and when they arrive, he breaks down sobbing, devastated that he couldn’t help Joey. Luke tells Steven that he is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, but didn’t use, but Steven ignores his remarks, simply explaining that Nell is dead. Luke asks how, and when Steven explains that Nell committed suicide, Luke takes a moment, and ominously claims that “it wasn’t”.



  • The episode title is a reference to the connection between Luke Crain and Eleanor Crain, in which the two can sense when things happen to one another.
    • Oddly, Luke was unable to detect that his sister had died; this connection, however, could be what was making Luke have numerous visions of the man in the top-hat.
    • Luke, after waking up after the night of Nell's death, begins to constantly rub the back of his neck, while also experiencing withdrawal symptoms, like stiff limbs and other unpleasant feelings. This could be an emphatic feeling of death.



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