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"The Pupil" is the second episode of The Haunting Of Bly Manor.


After experiencing a harrowing scare, Dani tries to teach the children a lesson. Still, the kids have an unsettling way of getting under one's skin.


Whilst the housekeeper cleans up the footprints in the hall, the narrator explains that it is a regular occurrence; each time, charting the same path to the forbidden wing of the house. Whilst Hannah cleans the footprints, Dani questions Miles and Flora about the previous night’s behaviour. Miles lashes out once again, taking one of the dolls and throwing it down the laundry chute. As punishment, Dani forces Miles to finish cleaning up the mud.

Dani begins her descent into the cellar to retrieve the doll, whilst Flora is watched by Owen, remarking that she is too scared to go into the cellar. Down in the cellar, Dani is confused when she finds the doll sat upright on the floor. She retrieves the doll nonetheless, returning it back to Flora.

Miles hides away in the classroom, having completed the task assigned to him by Dani. A flashback to six months prior begins, and it shows Miles having just arrived at boarding school. In one of his first lessons, he learns about demons and Jesus, to which he has numerous differing questions. One of the stories is interesting, and when Father Stack tells a story about a demon jumping into a pig and drowning, it is eerily reminiscent of how Rebecca’s death was told previously. Miles learns much from his first lessons, including that he doesn’t have to wait to be reunited with those that he has lost. He climbs a tree on the grounds of the school and jumps, but fails in committing suicide, instead only breaking his arm.

Following this, Miles begins lashing out at those around him, including physically attacking his friend. Father Stack, however, believes that Miles is truly redeemable, and warns him that death is not something to fear, but not something to be mournful of. Miles is deeply troubled by his current situation, and fears that he will never see his parents again. He begins acting out even more, and kills Father Stack’s bird. He is later expelled, not for murdering the bird, but for the psychotic remarks that followed.

Back in 1987, Flora is playing with her dolls in her room. Miles has cleaned his room as punishment for locking Dani in the closet, but Hannah explains that she has no affection for punishment, despite their behaviour. Jamie, however, believes that Dani’s approach is suitable, and exclaims to Hannah that the children cannot be given a “free pass” forever. As the staff at Bly Manor talk, it becomes clear that Jamie may have feelings for Dani.

Things at Bly Manor become increasingly awkward for Dani when Miles brings her some roses from their garden and attempts to make a romantic move on Dani despite the fact that she is numerous years older than him and his Governess. 

Jamie is disheartened about the fact that Miles picked the roses, saying "they weren't ready to be cut yet". Dani lets the move pass, however, and decides that she should play a game with the children. Flora is concerned, however, that playing the game will prevent the children and Dani from returning to their room before nightfall; a stark reminder from Flora that Bly Manor’s grounds are not safe after dark.

The game of hide-and-seek finds Dani following Flora to the old wing of Bly Manor. It become clear, however, that what is standing before Dani is not in fact Flora, but something else entirely.

While searching, music starts. Following the sound, Dani finds a music box playing. Flora is seen in another room humming the same song the music box is playing, and another voice starts humming with her. Flora stops and the voice starts humming louder and more broken. Flora turns around and hushes a faceless woman, who's revealed to be the other person humming.

Dani finds a picture of a couple - a woman and a blonde man - inside the music box. While she's looking at it she's jumped by Miles, who grabs her by the neck and tells her that it's now her turn to run from him. He starts pushing his arm harder towards Dani's neck, beginning to choke her. He then releases her and starts counting down and running away.

Angered, Dani follows Miles and tells him the game is over. She turns on the lights and starts calling for the kids, visibly disturbed. She sees movement behind a curtain, but when she moves it there's no one behind it.

All types of sounds can be heard around the house. Suddenly, Dani looks outside the window an sees the blonde man from the picture in the music box creepily smiling at her. The man fades away and Dani panics, grabbing a poker from the chimney. She goes outside decided to confront the man but she doesn't find anyone.

Miles shows up on the window and calls Dani, telling her that he doesn't feel good. The kid faints and Dani runs to help him. Hannah appears and Dani tells her that she saw the man. Miles wakes up and stares at the window, where he sees the man staring back at him, without Dani nor Hannah realising he's there.



Special Guest Star[]

  • Jim Piddock as Father Stack


  • Calix Fraser as Doll Face Ghost
  • Arlo Hajdu as Student Overman
  • John Prowse as Headmaster
  • Rasik Rana as Student Miller
  • Makalo Roskams as Student Shepherd
  • Rhys Slack as Hooper


  • The episode name, The Pupil, is a reference to Miles Wingrave's time at boarding school.
  • The flashback in the episode is to 6 months prior to the current events; that places the flashback at just before Mr. Wingrave advertised for the position of Governess.