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"The Jolly Corner" is the sixth episode of The Haunting Of Bly Manor.


In denial and embroiled in his work, Henry Wingrave must reckon with himself. Dani reaches out to Jamie while Flora gets lost in the past.


In his office, the narrator explains that Henry has little time to do anything else given he is consumed by work; oddly, this includes the Wingrave children too, which he has neglected for numerous years. Henry receives numerous calls from Bly Manor to schedule a meeting, but ignores the majority of them, instead opting to drink himself into a worse state of loneliness. Unbeknownst to him, his alter ego watches from the chair opposite him, grimacing manically.

A flashback shows Henry and his brother, Dominic, as they race to watch Charlotte Wingrave give birth. Henry doesn't watch, however, instead shoving Dominic into the room and closing the door behind him.

The narrator quickly jumps back to the present, in which Dani brings Jamie a hot drink. Jamie is disappointed with the cup of coffee, however, and immediately spits the drink back into the mug. Dani tells Jamie that she is sorry for what happened at the bonfire, and she suggests that the two go to the local public house whilst Hannah watches the two Wingrave children. The two begin walking out of the grounds of Bly Manor, but Dani is distracted by Flora, who she sees walking around the garden. Omnisciently, however, she is further distracted by the figure of Rebecca Jessel over her shoulder — a welcome change from seeing Edmund.

When Flora finally wakes and becomes herself, a flashback shows Flora making up a story and a history for a little boy she has met; Henry happens to be in the flashback and remarks that he too used to do the same when he was a little boy. Similarities can be drawn between Hannah and Flora, and both seem to be jumping through all of her memories whilst those in them are self-aware and interacting with her.[1]

Back in Henry's office, he speaks with his alter-ego — unbeknownst if it is real, or a figment of his imagination — about Bly Manor. Henry reveals that he is the one who has been calling the manor and hanging up, but it is unknown at this point whether it is Henry intentionally, or he has been manipulated by his alter ego.

At Bly Manor, Hannah returns and apologises to Dani about the fact that she has been missing, but Dani brushes the sentiments off. Later that day, Jamie shows Dani moonflowers and the two talk about their life cycle, but Jamie uses the conversation to remark that it reflects her life: a lot of effort but nothing to show for it. The two kiss moments later, and this solidifies the idea that the feelings are mutual between the two, despite their initial hesitations.

A flashback to the past shows the moment Henry brings Flora the mysterious doll house she is always seen with. Dominic is watching in the distance and notices as Henry touches Charlotte's hand. Situations are made worse when Dominic realises that Flora isn't his child, but is actually Henry's child — a fact that took Dominic six years to figure out. Eventually, the two argue over the situation, and Dominic banishes Henry from Bly Manor, relinquishing Henry as his family and branding him a monster.

Henry's situation is worsened by the fact that he is constantly haunted by his memories, unable to shake them. Interestingly, Henry fixates on the moment in which Charlotte reveals that she is leaving with Dominic to fix their marriage, and that the relationship between her and Henry is over. An unknown amount of time later, however, Henry receives a call from India alerting him that both Charlotte and his brother, Dominic, are dead.[2] Back in the present, Henry makes the quick-decision to revolt against his brother's wishes and heads up to Bly Manor.

Back at Bly Manor, Flora is still struggling with the memory jumps. Much like Hannah before her, however, she quickly becomes self-aware, and demands that Rebecca shows herself. Rebecca does, but is much different to her former self, an echo. Flora demands to know why she cannot remember certain things and why the memories are fading, but Rebecca doesn't reply, and the two are interrupted by Dani moments later who witnesses the whole situation unfold.

In the hallway, everything finally becomes clear for Dani, and she is forced to face Peter head one. Peter remarks that the encounter between the two is awkward, but Dani is knocked unconscious moments later from behind by Miles.



Guest Starring[]


  • Liza Cosier as Receptionist
  • Calix Fraser as Doll Face Ghost


  • Much like the episode before, this episode focuses on flashbacks.
    • Henry's history with Charlotte is revealed in this episode.
  • The fact that Flora experiences similar memory-fading as Hannah — whom we now know to be a ghost — points to the idea that Flora too herself is in a similar situation.


  1. This can be interpreted as dramatic irony and/or foreshadowing, and points to a similar situation for Flora that Hannah is currently in: dead on the grounds of Bly Manor. It is not explicitly confirmed, however.
  2. From this moment, the watchers are privy to the history behind Henry's behaviour and what drove him to become an alcoholic.