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"The Great Good Place" is the first episode of The Haunting Of Bly Manor.


A bright-eyed American au pair hopes to make a difference caring for two orphans in a grand English manor. Yet the feeling of dread is undeniable.


It’s 2007, California. An affluent middle-aged woman attends a wedding between a young bride and groom. She hears them telling ghost stories, and explains that she herself knows a story full of ghosts. She warns them that it is long, but they all agree that they have time to listen; she begins the story.

It’s London, 1987. Dani Clayton arrives in London to apply for a private teaching role. In her interview with Mr Wingrave, he explains the circumstances of the application: to care for his young niece and nephew and tutor them. He insists that despite the fact that there are other members of staff on the grounds, the children will be her responsibility and her responsibility alone. After the interview, however, it becomes clear that she has not got what it takes to take the job. She leaves to look for more jobs whilst enjoying a small drink in a local public house.

Whilst at the pub, Mr. Wingrave arrives, and she approaches to toast to the interview, despite having not got the job. Feeling intrigued, Dani questions what the catch is about the job, and why it hasn’t been filled in six months given the ease at which it seems. Mr. Wingrave explains that the previous Governess committed suicide on the property and this has attached superstition and stigma to the property. Nonetheless, Dani agrees to take the job if Henry will allow her such luxury.

Dani arrives at the property and is immediately fascinated when she meets the children, Flora Wingrave and Miles Wingrave. She is even more fascinated with their housekeeper, Hannah Grose and the chef Owen. As the night continues, she gets to know Bly Manor more and more and is given a guided tour by Flora and the others. When they arrive at Dani’s room, Hannah remarks that they should give her some time to herself. Just as Dani is about to get changed, she notices Miles peeping through the door. She invites him in, but warns him to knock next time. He gives her a butterfly hairpin to welcome her to Bly Manor.

Tensions rise, however, later that night when Flora is bathing and notices the butterfly hairpin. She questions where Dani got it from, and for a moment everything is silent; Flora looks behind Dani as if talking to someone and Dani notices something weird about the place. Seconds later, Flora tells Dani that she is fine to keep the hairpin. As Dani puts Flora to bed, Flora warns her to stay in her room during the night at all costs.

As the night continues, Dani finds herself unable to sleep in the vast emptiness of her room at Bly Manor. She decides that she must explore the vast halls of the manor despite Flora’s numerous warnings. She makes a pot of tea in the kitchen but is distracted numerous times by strange noises around the manor.

The following day, Flora exclaims that she is quite angry with Dani for leaving her room during the night. Dani is confused as to how she could know, but Flora brushes her off, remarking that she needs to keep hidden from the Lady in the Lake. After a brief conversation, the children return into the manor, and Dani watches a tall, slim man in the distance. She waves, but upon second glance the man is gone.

Dani later questions the gardener, Owen and Hannah about the man she saw on the grounds. Each explains that it would be impossible for her to have seen someone there given that wing of the house is restricted and nobody has been there in years; Dani finds this obscure but is forced to accept the narrative.

Later that night, Dani tucks the children into bed. Upon leaving Flora’s room, she stands on, and nearly breaks one of the dolls. As she picks up the doll, it becomes obvious — but not to Dani — that anything done to the doll happens to Flora. As revenge for disobeying her orders the previous night, Flora and Miles lock Dani in Flora’s cupboard in an attempt to protect her from the Lady in the Lake. The children eventually free Dani from the cupboard prompting a furious response from her, and she orders the children to bed seconds later.

When she is on her way to her room, she sees muddy footprints that lead her outside the house, just below the rooms of the children. She hastily looks around as to find out who caused the footprints, only to notice that Miles and Flora staring at her from their respective rooms.



Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Kamal Khan as Family Friend
  • Greg Sestero as Fiancé



  • The episode title refers to Bly Manor, which is described as such.
  • Although the narrator of the story tells the majority of Dani's story, she is never explicitly named.