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"Silence Lay Steadily" is the tenth and final episode of The Haunting of Hill House.


The Crain family returns to Hill House to rescue Luke and is confronted by the true forces that lie within their old home and its Red Room.

Plot Summary[]

All members of the Crain family frantically rush to Hill House upon realizing Luke's plans: he wishes to burn down Hill House. When they arrive, however, it becomes clear to the children, and particularly their father that Luke has not been successful.

They search the house and, one by one, each end up in the infamous Red Room. Steven is the final Crain child to find himself in the room when he sees Luke unconscious on the floor. Just as Steven enters the room, the door closes behind and Hugh is left outside searching for a way in despite knowing that the door is impenetrable.

As each member entered the Red Room, each child relives their worst days and moments through the house. For Shirley, she relives the moment she cheated on her husband, Theo relives her failed relationship with Trish and Steven relives his with Leigh. When all of the children have awoken, they rush over to help Luke, who is now foaming and bleeding at the mouth. Despite their best efforts, Luke passes away momentarily.

Luke is transported to a cleaner, friendlier version of the Red Room where he is finally welcomed "home" by his mother. At the table, she has prepared tea, but Luke is unable to drink as a younger Nell exclaims "Go back"; moments later, Luke awakens, seemingly brought back from death. He points behind the children and reveals that "she" saved him — the children turn and now are all able to see the manifestation of Nell. Despite talking to her siblings, Nell does not make sense at first, but eventually explains that each of the members of the family have been to the Red Room before: For Luke, it was a treehouse; for Theo, a dance room; for Olivia a reading room; Steven a games room; and a living room for Shirley.

The children are shocked by the revelation, but Nell tells them not to worry as she is where she belongs. Each of the children apologize for the part they played in her death, but she assures them it is alright. Meanwhile, Hugh sees Olivia for the first time since her death. She tells him that she will keep the children safe at Hill House, but Hugh argues that she must let them go and be free; even if this means that eventually, they die. Olivia agrees eventually and opens the Red Door for the children, who take Luke to the hospital.

Leaving only Steven and Hugh behind at the house, Steven watches as the house replays the moments after Olivia's death and the revelation that Olivia had killed Abigail, the Dudley's daughter. The Dudley's are shocked, but upon realizing that Abigail will live on forever as an apparition at Hill House, they agree not to tell the authorities about the murder if Hugh promises to keep Hill House, and keep it empty. Back in the present, Hugh passes this promise to Steven, remarking that it is now his to keep. With this, he joins Olivia and Nell in the Red Room as Steven bids farewell.

In an epilogue, we see the aftermath of the events at Hill House. Steven reconvenes with his wife, Shirley tells her husband about her affair and Theo moves out of Shirley's guest house and is in a happy relationship with Trish. We see the entire family meet together to celebrate Luke's 2 years being sober, although they have lost family along the way, they have also gained new members to stay true to Luke's count of 7. In present, an old Horace Dudley is carrying his wife, Clara, through the woods, he finally reaches Hill House and lays her down inside. As she draws her final breath, Horace looks up and sees his wife immortalized as a part of Hill House, happily holding her stillborn child with Abigail by her side.

We see a final shot of Hill House over a monologue from Steven, the light piercing through the boarded up windows slowly begins to dim as the screen fades to black.





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