Poppy Hill House.

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Poppy most often appears as a young woman in a "flapper" style dress from the 1920s.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The evil of the house personified.

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"I dreamed I lost my little girl once. I dreamed that she was choking on her own body for no reason. Just trying for air like the room was underwater, and shaking like she was in the hot squat. And I dreamed I held her little hand and sat at her side. And days, it took days, weeks, it took weeks for her to quit gulping in that watery air, quit gaping at me like a fish on the beach, but finally, she did. She breathed, ragged and hard, and she went stiff and one of her eyes turned red as blood. And she would shake. She’d shake so bad the bed would shake. And when she started shaking, it went fast. She dangled. She died.

"And my boy... I once dreamed his little legs stopped working. They just... stopped one day. And... he couldn’t walk, and he couldn’t stand, and he couldn’t speak, and then he couldn’t do anything but cry. Cry and bang on the walls. Bang on the walls for help and bang on the walls for Momma and just bang, bang, bang. And he couldn’t even see. In the end, he couldn’t see me there with him. And then he stopped banging, he stopped crying... he stopped it all once he died. I held him so long, he went cold in my arms." [1]

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