Olivia Crain is a major character in The Haunting of Hill House.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Olivia Crain has long dark brown/black hair that reaches past her shoulders with grey/blue eyes. She mainly wears dark colours of mostly navy blues and greys. After her death, she primarily wears red to signify the Red Room.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cares about her children. Her dad died when she was twelve. Olivia proves herself to be extremely kind although is prone to aggression following her 'headaches', one time smashing a mirror that Stephen painted for her and shouting at Shirley after she repeatedly asked about one of her kittens.

History[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Olivia was born to unnamed parents and has a sister named Janet. When she was 12, her father died in a car accident[1].

Pre-Death[edit | edit source]

At some point in her life she married Hugh Crain and had five children with him: Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Eleanor.

In the summer of 1992, she and her family moved into the Hill house in an effort to renovate and sell it so they could buy their own home.

The night after the storm, Olivia tells Clara Dudley about her childhood.

She gets a headache and, when she returns to her red room, she sees a vision of the twins lying in a morgue. She tells her husband about her vision before falling asleep. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she sees Poppy Hill standing in her doorway.

The night of her death, she serves poisoned tea to Luke, Nell, and Abigail.

Post-Death[edit | edit source]

After having died in Hill House, Olivia was unable to leave it. 26 years later when Nell returned, she played a part in her own daughter's death by placing a noose around her neck and pushing her from the top the Library's spiral staircase.

When Luke returns, she welcomes him in a similar manner and attempts to get him to stay with her and Nell. However, Hugh sacrifices himself for his children and chooses to stay with Olivia forever in Hill House.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Hugh Crain[edit | edit source]

Hugh Crain was Olivia's husband. They are shown to be very loving towards one another. After her death, Hugh is shown to fantasize that Olivia is still there, next to him. This fantasized Olivia often gives him advice. One example of this is when she gives him advice on how to deal with Theo.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "When we die, we turn into stories; and every time someone tells one of those stories, it’s like we’re still here for them. We’re all stories in the end."
  • "When you're little you learn to see things that aren't there. And when you grow up, you learn how to make them real."
  • "I will light a fire in the cool evenings and toast apples in my own hearth … People will come to me to have their fortunes told and I will brew love potions for sad maidens. I will have a robin…"
  • "Journeys don't end. Not if you love someone. They don't end at all."

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