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Miles Dominic Wingrave is a major character in The Haunting Of Bly Manor. He is one of the two children of Charlotte Wingrave who resides at Bly Manor under the watchful gaze of his uncle, Henry Wingrave, although the latter has little interaction in his life. Instead, Miles is cared for by the Governess of Bly Manor, a position previously occupied by both Rebecca Jessel and Dani Clayton.



Miles formerly attended boarding school before residing at Bly Manor permanently. After the death of their Au Pair, it is later revealed that he tried to intentionally get expelled on numerous occasions. Initially, he tries to get hurt by falling off a tree, hoping that he would get sent back to the manor; drawn back by the spirts that tempt him. This attempt at leaving the school is unsuccessful, however. Miles' attempts become more volatile, and he then tries to kill his best friend. As a last resort, he then kills the bird that his teacher has.[1]

Deal with Peter[]

Shortly after the death of Peter Quint, Miles made a deal with him to allow him to possess his body. Peter hoped that this would allow him to be closer with Rebecca Jessel, given that as a ghost, he could not leave Bly Manor. Whilst possessing Miles, Peter began misbehaving and acting out, which gained Miles a reputation of mishap; it is assumed that only Flora — who had made a similar deal with Rebecca — was aware of the reason behind Miles' behaviour.

This behaviour causes him to clash with Dani numerous times. Miles' deal with Peter becomes increasingly more toxic, and when Viola Lloyd returns to Bly Manor, it puts Rebecca in a tricky situation. Rebecca is too distracted with Miles, and attempting to prevent Peter's possession, and cannot help Flora, who is about to be dragged into the water.


Following the release of all of the ghosts from Bly Manor, it is assumed that Peter moved on, leaving Miles alone and preventing further possession. Years later, when Miles is a teenager, he is unable to remember any of the past events that occurred whilst he was a child. Although Henry is now more involved in their lives, and tells the teenagers stories about the manor, he promises to hide the truth forever.


Miles is described as "a troubled young boy looked over by the governess." He is a somewhat strange child in the eyes of others. He is short and polite, with blue eyes and short brown hair. At first they show us a polite and respectful Miles, but as the series progresses, we see the other aspects of his personality, including some of his childish outbursts, or disturbing actions, even his way of speaking changes in numerous scenes.



Miles: "Dead doesn’t mean gone."

Miles: "You're pretty when you blush."