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Kelsey Dunlap is a character in The Haunting of Hill House.





Kelsey is a patient of Theodora Crain. She has been acting strange since she was placed in a new foster home and is having nightmares about "Mr. Smiley". When Theo is unable to get much information out of Kelsey, she reluctantly uses her "touch ability" but doesn't acquire more information. Theo makes an unauthorized visit at Kelsey's foster home and ask to take a look around the home under the pretense that this will help her understand Kelsey better. The last place she checks is the basement where she finds an old couch. She lies down on the couch and removes her gloves and sees a smiley face in the ceiling. She immediately feels all of the horrible feelings "attached" to the couch and realizes that someone is molesting Kelsey. When she leaves the house she shakes the hand of Kelsey's foster father and figures out that he is the perpetrator. She immediately calls her contact at social services and asks her to send the police immediately and makes the claim: "Have I ever been wrong before". Kelsey is removed from the foster home and placed back into the system.


Kelsey seems to have a fine relationship with her foster mother, Eileen.

She is the victim of molestation by her foster father, Rick and is terrified of him.



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