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Horace Dudley is a character in The Haunting of Hill House .



Horace Dudley is burly, bearded, but surprisingly warm and kind to the Crain family.


A father to a stillborn child, Horace holds his wife and living daughter exceptionally close to him, even keeping the world from his daughter. Knowing the house's secrets, Horace stays with the house when the Crains move in and convinces his wife to aid when he tells her they have five children.

They "come with the house," meaning Horace helps Hugh with fixing the house. Clara Dudley poses as a housekeeper of sorts and keeps an eye on the children and Olivia Crain.

Horace Dudley’s mother worked at hill house in the kitchens for Hazel Hill, and Horace grew up in the cottage On the edge of the property. He Met Clara who was also hired to work at Hill House, and they bought the cottage he had grown up in. While they were both working at Hill House, Clara became pregnant, but had a stillborn. Afterwards, she began to hear a baby crying while at Hill House, and was having nightmares. Horace also heard the crying baby, and afterwards both he and Clara refused to go to the property after dark, and the nightmares stopped.

Horace and Clara has a second daughter Abigail who they kept at the cottage away from Hill House, and kept inside most of the time to protect her. After the Crain’s move in, Abigail begins playing with Luke in the woods as she is not allowed to go into the house. On the “last night”, Abigail goes into the Hill House for a sleepover with Luke. She attends a late night tea party in the Red Room with Luke, Nell, and their mother Olivia Crain. Under the influence of the house, Olivia serves the children poisoned tea in order to “wake them up” from the bad dream of reality. Abigail dies from drinking the poisoned tea, and her parents refuse to let Hugh burn down the house as they want to be able to visit her spirit.





"I don't know if this is going to work, young lady. And I'm going to need it back." ― Mr. Dudley to Shirley[source]



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