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Henry Wingrave is a major character in The Haunting Of Bly Manor. He is the owner of Bly Manor following the death of his family and the uncle of both Flora and Miles Wingrave. He is largely distant from life at Bly Manor due to past events.


Early History[]

Little is known about Henry's early history. At some point, he grew distant with his brother, Dominic. This is largely due to the tensions between the two, and it is hinted that he and Dominic both had feelings for Charlotte, the Wingrave children's mother. It is highly suggested that Dominic was aware that Henry had relations with Charlotte behind his back, resulting in one of the Wingrave children being Henry's.

After Charlotte's death, Henry becomes quite withdrawn, and never visits Bly Manor. This is largely due to the fact that Dominic ordered him never to return there, but it is highly likely that he too feels guilty for his actions.

Relationship with Bly Manor[]

Henry largely neglects Bly Manor and the little Wingrave children, hiring Governesses and numerous other staff — such as Hannah Grose, Jamie and Owen — to work at the manor and watch the grounds. Eventually, he is called back to Bly Manor when his nephew Miles and daughter/niece, Flora, are in danger.

He returns to Bly just in time to discover Viola attempting to drown Flora. When he tries to prevent this Viola chokes him. He is revived when Viola enters Dani's body. Shortly after, he begins caring for the children at Bly once more.




  • Although kept secret from everyone except Dominic and Henry, he is Flora Wingrave's father; this is a result of having an affair with Charlotte Wingrave.