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Hannah Grose is a major character in The Haunting Of Bly Manor. She is the dependable manager of Bly Manor with a huge secret that she herself does not know. After being pushed into the well at Bly Manor previously, Hannah is unknowingly a ghost at the expansive manor house.



Little is known about Hannah's early history, other than she originally worked at Bly Manor whilst Charlotte Wingrave was alive. After her husband, Sam, left her, she took up a live-in position at the manor at Charlotte's offering.

Shortly prior to Dani's arrival, Hannah is pushed into the well on the grounds of Bly Manor and unknowingly dies on impact. Like other ghosts at Bly, she is trapped on the grounds of the manor moving forward.

Relationship with Owen[]

Still unaware that she is dead, Hannah grows closer and closer with Owen Sharma, the chef at Bly Manor. The two regularly flirt with one another, but the relationship does not blossom much further than this. Hannah's experience at Bly is troubled, however, and she begins seeing cracks in the foundations of the manor when she is close to figuring out that she is dead; this seems to prevent her from doing thus.

After Owen's mother's death, the relationship between the two finally progresses, and Owen asks Hannah to leave with him for Paris. Owen is drunk, however, and Hannah is hesitant, but wishes to agree. It quickly becomes clear for Hannah, however, that she is dead and cannot leave the grounds of Bly Manor, therefore making it impossible for her to leave with him.

Release from Bly[]

When Viola Lloyd returns to Bly and begins terrorising the residents, Hannah tries to help Dani Clayton and the Wingrave children, but finds her efforts futile. When Dani invites Viola into herself, she releases all of the ghosts from their tie with Bly Manor, including Hannah. Hannah is not seen on the grounds of Bly following this, and Owen takes up her mantle of candle-lighting; Jamie reveals that he hurts for the love from Hannah years later, however.


Owen Sharma[]

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Hannah and Owen grow closer following Dani's arrival at Bly Manor. They do not act on the feelings, however, until after Owen's mother dies. Owen asks her to leave for Paris with him, but she finds herself unable to — despite wanting to — due to the fact that she is dead. It is revealed that she loves Owen, and yet cannot do anything about it, as it is too late for her. After her release from Bly, Owen's heart aches for the love he received from Hannah, and years later he, Dani and Jamie toast to her memory.


Hannah: "There’s a difference between feeling good and feeling alive. The two aren’t always the same."
-- The Altar of the Dead

Hannah: "Funerals are for the living. It’s up to the living to decide what they can and cannot bear."
-- The Way It Came



  • Unbeknownst to anyone at Bly Manor, she dies moments before Dani Clayton's arrival at Bly Manor.