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Flora Wingrave is a major character in The Haunting Of Bly Manor. She is the daughter of Charlotte & Dominic Wingrave. Although thought to be the niece of Henry Wingrave; it is later revealed that he is her father. Flora plays a largely reserved part at Bly Manor, attempting where possible to protect Dani Clayton from the numerous spirits.


Early History[]

Little is known about Flora's early history, other than she was conceived unknowingly by Henry Wingrave and Charlotte Wingrave whilst the latter was married to Henry's brother, Dominic. She would later be portrayed as a problematic child and forced to live out her life at Bly Manor, away from others and a stable education.

Life at Bly[]

Flora enjoys her life at Bly Manor, albeit with those around her portraying her as weird and dangerous. Upon Dani Clayton's arrival at Bly Manor, Dani becomes interested in Flora's dolls and the doll house she plays with frequently in her room. It later becomes clear that Flora uses the doll house to track the numerous spirits around Bly Manor. She frequently warns Dani to stay away from the doll house and not to mess with the dolls.

Later, it becomes clear that Flora was trying to protect Dani from the ghosts. On numerous occasions, both Flora and Miles warn Dani not to leave her bed after dark; a stark warning to protect her from the Lady in the Lake and the other spirits at Bly.

Eventually, it is revealed that — along with Miles — Flora made a deal with Rebecca Jessel to allow her to possess her whilst Peter Quint possessed Miles, in an effort for them to be close with one another once again. In exchange, Jessel and Quint acted as parental figures towards the two Wingrave children. It was later made clear by Jessel, however, that she never possessed Flora, and in the end, when Dani was endangered, Flora pretended to act as Jessel in order to protect her from Peter.

Life after Bly[]

Little is known about Flora's life after the spirits of Bly Manor are released. She keeps in touch with Owen Sharma and her father, Henry, who begins to care for the two after the event. Years later, when Flora is seventeen, it is revealed that she does not remember any of the events that occurred whilst they were children.

Henry promises to tell the children stories about their childhood at Bly, but vows never to tell the full truth.

In the final episode, it is revealed that the young couple from the beginning of the series is Flora and her soon-to-be husband, James. Due to the curse being lifted from Bly by Dani, Flora does not remember her time at Bly, or the story told, nor do they remember Jamie, the one telling it to them. She shares an emotional moment with Jamie before going to sleep. It is also revealed that Flora is only her middle name, and that the storyteller changed the names of the story.


  • Flora's voice sounds a little familiar to Peppa from the cartoon show Peppa Pig, since Amelie Bea Smith also voices her on that show.



Flora Wingrave: " Perfectly Splendid".
Flora Wingrave: " I do not like this game."
Flora Wingrave: " Dead doesn’t mean gone.”