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"Eulogy" is the seventh episode of The Haunting of Hill House.


As the Crains gather to say their final goodbyes, a flashback reveals Mr. Dudley's connection to the house -- and exposes a secret in the walls.


Back in the "then", in the days following Hugh's arrest after his wife's death, Hugh is questioned over her demise. Hugh tells the Police that he had nothing to do with it, but the officer tells Hugh that it isn't looking good for him, given the blood and the state that his wife is in. The officer remarks that they will interview the kids.

Back in the present, Shirley is angry that her funeral flower arrangement has been messed with. She lashes out at everyone, including Hugh, Kevin and their children. Hugh leaves to spend time with Theo before the funeral, and the two talk about Luke and how he seems to be doing better.

In the then, Hugh, Steven, and Mr. Dudley investigate the damage done to Hill House following the storm. Steve points out that a wall feels "squishy", and this makes Hugh realize that they have a deeper issue than they originally thought. Upon further investigation, it is found that mold and moisture are growing behind the wall cavities despite their being no pipe-work there. Steven relays this information to Olivia, and the two realize that, if they can't fix the issue quickly and flip the house, they'll be financially ruined and stuck at Hill House forever.

As the funeral proceedings begin, tensions rise between all of the Crain children; it becomes clear that Hugh is able to see the ghost — or at least a figment of his imagination — of his late wife, Liv.

Back in the then, Steven and Hugh start their repairs on the house. Liv arrives with the master blueprints, and Steve explains that he thinks the water is coming from the Red Room. When Hugh looks at the blueprint, however, he is thoroughly alarmed and confused by what he sees. He talks with Mr. Dudley about the plans, and Mr. Dudley tells him that Olivia could do with time away from the house. When Hugh gets defensive, Mr. Dudley explains that the house twisted and scattered his wife, Clara's, mind. He further explains that this is why they don't stay on the property after dark; he further explains that when they stopped coming to the property after dark, everything went back to normal.

The funeral is hard for everyone, but made even harder when Shirley refuses to ride in a car with either Theo or Kevin. At the funeral, Luke talks with Nell's grave, but has visions of the Bent-Neck Lady and his mother simultaneously. He is pulled away by a concerned Steven, however, who sternly tells him that he is imagining things.

Back in the then, Hugh is jolted awake to find Olivia sitting on top of him holding a screwdriver to his throat. He manages to take the screwdriver away just as Olivia wakes. Hugh tells Olivia that she held a screwdriver to his throat, but she says that she didn't, and is clearly unable to remember. Hugh decides to show her the blueprint she drew, but Olivia remarks that it isn't what she designed. Hugh shows her the blueprint to their forever home, and remarks that the drawing she drew was the forever home numerous times; he tells Liv to take some time away from the house.

Days later, Hugh sprays the cavity of the walls with rat poison but continues to hear the scratching in the walls. He decides to remove the bricks and take a look, but is shocked to find a dead body inside. The authorities tell him that it is William Hill who has been missing since 1948. The police officer remarks that he bricked himself in and changed his mind, attempting to scratch his way out.

Back in the now, Shirley looks for her wallet to pay the caterer, whilst Theo asks if anyone has seen her car, given she parked it outside of the guest house. Hugh watches as his children question the whereabouts of their belongings, clearly aware that he had seen Luke near the Shirley's purse earlier. The children finally realize that Luke is missing, and tie everything together, receiving confirmation from Hugh of their suspicions. Hours later, Theo and Hugh follow a trail of dirt into Shirley's office. They find Shirley's prized house model on the floor in pieces, and when Theo bends down to pick it up, the two see a figure of a dead girl crawling towards them.



  • The episodes flashbacks largely take place after Hugh Crain is arrested following the death of his wife, Olivia Crain.


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