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Clara Dudley is a character in The Haunting of Hill House .



Clara is a taller woman. Dark brown hair typically kept up in a “no nonsense” fashion and often appears stern.


At first Clara seems stern, cold even. But eventually she shows kindness and a gentleness as her character develops.


Clara was the housekeeper/aide to Lady Hill. As Lady Hill grew ill Clara would often work double or triple shifts caring for her. Clara delivers her first child (unnamed) still born and almost immediately returns to working at Hill House. It is revealed that, while in the house after dark, she can hear the cries of the still born child she lost so tragically. This is the reason she and her husband will not be on the property after dark and why she seems so stern in the early episodes.


Horace Dudley[]

Horace is Clara's husband.

Abigail Dudley[]

Abigail is Horace and Clara's daughter.

Unnamed Stillborn Daughter

Clara gave birth to a stillborn daughter while working for Hazel Hill. Horace states that both he and Clara heard her ghostly cries at Hill house and this is the reason that they refuse to be on the property after dark

Hazel Hill

Clara took care of Hazel Hill when she was ill, sometimes working double and triple shifts.


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